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Made to customer specifications with advantages of flexibility in design and requirements. Designs can be adjusted quickly and efficiently ensuring production is not effected. Workstations are the solution to creating safe, clean and productive work areas for employees and the workplace.


Purpose built from customer requirements, no design is too small or bespoke. Flexibility allows the design to incorporate a variety of panels including glass, plastic and woven mesh material. Used in a vast range of industries, workplaces and at home.

Machine Guards

Designed to fit customers and manufacturers requirements, to ensure safety and machine stability. No design is considered too small or bespoke, giving the customer flexibility within the workplace.

Machine Frames

Lightweight, flexible and reusable an aluminium machine frame provides the customer with a strong and dependable profile system that can be continuously adjusted to suit customers needs. Designs are custom made to ensure the work space is safe and clean.

Large Enclosures

Enclosures made for handheld, wall mounted to free standing designs. Strong and dependable a large enclosure can be used for many requirements which include tooling, window frames, door frames, shower cubicles to solar panel frames. The flexibility in the material makes the aluminium profiling a solution from small to bespoke designs.

Material Handling

A indispensable solution for the production line a material handling system can increase productivity and provide a safer environment for the employee. Designed to fit the customers work place and needs, the system offers a flexible design that can be added to or reduced when required.

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