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Gesipa Taurus 3 Air Riveter
4.8mm - 6.4mm

Model Number Taurus 3   Part Number 1457871

Gesipa Taurus 3 | Air Rivet Tool

Our extensive range of Gesipa Taurus 3 Air Riveters Genuine Gesipa Tooling Subject to Stock & Availability

  • Lightweight, Fast Operation
  • Ideal For High Volume Production
  • 4.8mm - 6.4mm Setting Capacity
  • 25.0mm Stroke
  • 18.000N Traction Power
  • Capable Of Setting Structural Rivets
  • Nosepiece's Included
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty (click to view)
Please refer to the Details & Tech Spec tab below for more information.

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Gesipa Taurus 3 Air Riveter


The Gesipa Taurus 3 Air Riveter is used to fasten blind rivets in a wide range of materials including Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel.

Since the market introduction of the TAURUS® 2 in the year 2002, the TAURUS® series has managed to convince thousand times over in trade and industry. The TAURUS® 2 especially is a true all-rounder.

The TAURUS® tool series is equipped with a high-performance, patented grip mechanism and jaw system. The optimum utilisation of the compressed air ensures maximum thriftiness, efficiency and greenness.

01 Modular principles

  • Widest possible parts commonality – low spare part stocks required and simple maintenance
  • Flexible adaption to new applications

02 Power

  • High setting forces combined with low weight
  • Fast work cycle
  • Optimised stroke for the entire series

03 Patented handle mechanism

  • With forcibly actuated jaws by pneumatic pressing
  • Safe, non-slip gripping of the rivet mandrel
  • Just one model of jaws for all tools
  • Very long service lives

04 Efficiency

  • Little compressed air consumption thanks to dual function: setting the rivets and extracting the spent mandrels using the same air
  • Air suction needed only for vertical downwards riveting. Can be permanently switched-off if not needed.

05 Work comfort / safety

  • Rubberised, moulded grip
  • Balanced center of gravity
  • Low-vibration and soundproofed
  • Little activation force required
  • Spent mandrel container with swivelling air deflector
  • Overpressure valve for prevention of overload
  • Integrated protection feature prevents the ejection of spent mandrels while the spent mandrel container is removed


  • Lightweight, Fast Operation
  • Ideal For High Volume Production
  • 4.8mm - 6.4mm Setting Capacity
  • 25.0mm Stroke
  • 18.000N Traction Power
  • Capable Of Setting Structural Rivets 
  • Nosepiece's Included


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Setting Capacity (Standard Rivets)

Rivet TypeAluminiumSteelStainless SteelNose Piece Included

Please Note: In order to set 4.8mm & 5.0mm aluminium & steel rivets you may need to purchase an additional nosepiece depending on your fastener.

Setting Capacity (Structural Rivets)

Rivet TypeMega Grip | Monobolt | FARBOLTNose Piece Included
Rivet Type       G-Bulb | Avinox | TAMP          Nose Piece Included

Please Note: Tool can only set 6.4mm G-Bulb | Avinox | TAMP rivets in steel not stainless.

Gesipa Taurus 3 Air Riveter

SpecificationGesipa Taurus 3
Brand Gesipa
Model Taurus 3
Part Number 1457871
Type Air Riveter
Setting Capacity 4.8mm - 6.4mm
Contents Gesipa Taurus 3 Air Riveter & Selected Set Up.
Weight 1.9kg
Air Consumption Approx. 4,8 ltr. per rivet
Air Hose Connection 6mm Ø (1/4")
Operating Air Pressure 5 - 7 bar
Operating Mode Compressed air
Stroke 25mm
Traction Power 18.000 N at 6 bar

The TAURUS® tool series is equipped with a high-performance, patented grip mechanism and jaw system

Patented jaw system

  • The three jaws move in separate channels while being under forced control.
  • The jaws are pressed onto the mandrel by using compressed air instead of spring force – the force being ten times higher than usual.
  • Due to the high pressure the jaws immediately cling to the mandrels upon triggering the riveting process, only then the pulling movement starts.

GESIPA®-system – decisive advantages

  • The complete stroke of the tool is used for setting the rivet guaranteeing a reliable setting process.
  • The immediate and non-slip grip of the mandrel reduces abrasion and troublesome soiling.
  • Since the jaws do not slide along the mandrel, the wear and tear of the jaw profiles is reduced.
  • Lower costs due to longer service life and low requirements regarding maintenance and spare parts needed.

The GESIPA® System – Optimum use of compressed air ensures maximum efficiency and low operating costs.

Compressed air is used very often in industrial production because of its flexibility. It does, however, cause relatively high costs and its consumption damages the environment. These disadvantages are more than enough reason for GESIPA® to equip the TAURUS® tool series with a special technique that allows to save compressed air and is unique throughout the world.

The GESIPA® System uses the compressed air required for the setting process twice. First, to set the blind rivet and secondly, to extract the spent mandrel. Dual use of the compressed air means no expensive, fresh compressed air is needed which other tools on the market constantly need just to extract the spent mandrel. And, last but not least, noise emission from the TAURUS®-tools is extremely low.

In two-shift operation and with compressed air costs of approximately € 0.03 per m³ this innovative technique allows savings of up to € 720 per year and tool. A TAURUS® 1 can pay for itself in less than one year.

Versatile accessories complete the range!

The modular concept for the TAURUS® series 1-4 lets the user customise the TAURUS® devices to match his individual requirements. Many identical parts that can be used across all devices reduce the need to stock spare parts
and make maintenance easy. This wide range of options provides the user with a high degree of flexibility. Each device in the TAURUS® series 1-4 can be fitted with many different spare parts or refitted according to the application.

We also have more Taurus 3 Options & Accessories Available such as:

Taurus 3 Counters - Cost-effective variant for monitoring the number of setting strokes

Taurus 3 Mounts - For integration into automated systems or connection to handling modules.

Taurus 3 Extended | Angle Heads - Ideal for use in tight spaces.

Gesipa Taurus 3 Riveter With PH2000 Spent Mandrel Container

The fixed mounted, large PH 2000 mandrel container is very sturdy and particularly suited to long mandrels from 50mm to 70mm in length. The container fits all TAURUS® versions 1 to 4.

Gesipa Taurus 3 Riveter With Spring Trigger Loaded System

The spring-loaded trigger system ensures that the components which are to be riveted are reliably placed one on top of the other gap free prior to the riveting process. Furthermore, this ensures that the blind rivet reaches its end position in the bore prior to the setting process and that the setting head is in the right position. The pressure force can be variably applied depending on the application. The spring-loaded trigger system cannot be retrofitted but is supplied completely attached.

New features: Adjustable range from 15 to 75 N / Guaranteed easy-to-apply contact / force by use of springs

Please contact us should you require any additional advice, Have any further queries or need information on prices & availability.

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4.8mm - 6.4mm

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4.8mm - 6.4mm.

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