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What Can We Do For You?

Our service engineers are factory trained and recognised by all fastening manufacturers including POP® and FAR ®. We assess and repair all makes and models, quotations are given within 24hours.

We specialise in all air, hydraulic and pneumatic tool repairs. 

Part On is an authorised repair agent for rivet tool manufacturers such as FAR, POP, Avdel, Gesipa, Lobster and Masterfix. Contact our office team to arrange a quotation through our online form or telephone

0121 439 7152.


What are the Benefits of having your tool repaired by Part-On?


·         We offer a 24 - 48 hour (upon receipt of tool) turn

            around on quotations.

·         Every tool is serviced in house by our factory trained



·         Additionally, we stock large ranges of spares in house

           for when needed!

·         Really?!...Yes! Part-On offer detailed quotations which

           we are more than happy to advise further on if needed.

·         Everything your tool needs we can source.


·         Here we offer on hand technical support whenever

           you need.

·         Even posting YouTube videos to help support prolonging

           tool life.

·         Recently offering our a TPM service to prolong tool life.

·         Even with maximum discounts from our suppliers… we pass

           this pleasure onto our customers!


·         For all customer we log service history with Part-On’s own

           unique serial number.

·         Openly we are a warranty repair centre for most leading


·         Respectively offering prompt turn arounds on quotations as

           we consider the importance for turnaround time for the

           customers we deal with e.g. aerospace, automation etc.


·         You can always count on us anytime you need your tool serviced!

·         Our website provides all drawings we obtain for the tools we sell.

·         Understanding your tool takes a part in prolonging tool life that’s

          why Part-On post facts and tips on our social media pages


CLICK HERE to see our factory trained engineers certificates for your piece of mind!


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